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March 6, 2023

IPQS Fraud Prevention Solution

The digital ad industry is in the middle of an ongoing battle against fraud and abuse. With global ad fraud costs projected to reach 100 billion by 2023, it’s essential for all performance marketers and affiliate networks to combat these issues at their source.

IPQS Fraud Prevention Solution is a powerful suite of fraud detection and quality control tools that help your team manage abuse at scale. Our solutions automatically detect and prevent bots, fake & abusive users, chargebacks, click fraud, ad redirects, spoofing, phishing, and more.

Our user and transaction data analysis is powered by the world’s most trusted threat network and Fraud Fusion(tm), a networked approach to fighting fraud that learns from hundreds of millions of user actions per day worldwide. We use blacklists, honeypots & traps, forensics, and AI & machine learning to stop fraud and abuse for every customer.

Identify high risk users and payments with real-time scoring to protect your online business while protecting the user experience. With over 10 years of fraud prevention technology, we can detect suspicious orders & likely chargebacks with greater accuracy than any other provider.

Regulate your user traffic with proxy & VPN detection and reputation analysis for IP addresses. With over 20+ data points based on the IP address, we can instantly determine how risky a user, click, or transaction is by analyzing the IP connection type, device details, recent reputation activity, overall fraud score, and more.

Instantly block high risk users and payment transactions with a simple API call or bulk.csv upload using our flexible user portal. Set rules for when to trigger this filtering, such as for traffic originating from low quality sources or users that don’t meet your audience’s behavioral patterns.

Automated user verification is critical for preventing fraud on your website and apps, and the IPQS User Verification service does it all for you with a simple API request or batch csv file. The user validation API can also be bundled with other fraud detection checks like Phone Reputation or Address Validation, for comprehensive automated verification.

Our advanced user & transaction detection uses over 10 years of fraud technology to identify high risk users and payments with real-time, sophisticated scoring & analysis. This enables you to stop fraud before it disrupts your business and customer experience while protecting your brand and reputation.

Automatically block ad redirects, click fraud, unauthorized transactions, & more with our transaction blocking tools and prevent fraudulent users from ever getting through your website. This solution is ideal for ecommerce stores, forums, and other websites that have high volumes of user activity.

IPQS’s network of blacklists prevents new patterns of bots, fake & abusive users, and high risk user data by comparing your site & transaction data to the world’s most effective threat networks, proprietary blacklists, and abuse reports from top sites on the internet. We use these data sets, residential proxy detection, and other tools to protect your site & business from bots and fraudsters.

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