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April 21, 2023

Illinois Real Estate Classes

Getting your Illinois real estate license is the first step to starting a career in the real estate industry. There are several ways to get your license, including taking classes in-person or online. Fortunately, Illinois has some great real estate schools that you can choose from to help you meet your educational requirements and prepare for your exam.

Pre-license Education:

The Illinois Department of Professional Regulation requires 75 hours of education for anyone wanting to become a real estate broker. This includes 15 hours of state-specific interactive courses.

You'll also need to pass the national and state broker licensing exams, which are both administered by PSI Testing Service. The national test consists of 100 questions and the state exam contains 40. You must score a minimum of 75% to pass each section and receive your license. You can take the national exam online or in-person at one of PSI's 31 test locations.

Kaplan is a top-rated real estate school with an excellent track Illinois Real Estate Classes record. They have been in the test and exam prep business since 1938, and they know what it takes to give you the tools you need to succeed. They're a popular choice among students, especially when it comes to the state-specific 15-hour interactive courses required by Illinois.

Brightwood Real Estate is another well-known and respected Illinois real estate school. They have been in the business for many years and they offer a variety of different pre-licensing and post-licensing education packages. Their online learning platform is easy to use, and they've got a high student pass rate compared to other Illinois real estate schools.

Colibri Real Estate is another great option for those who want to take the entire pre-license course online, and they have four 75-hour packages available. Their self-paced learning style makes it easy to learn at your own pace.

Sure Win is another good choice for those who don't like the idea of taking a lot of tests. This real estate school offers a variety of hybrid classes that allow you to work on your real estate classes and test preparation at the same time, giving you the flexibility you need to get your Illinois real estate license.

Your House Real Estate Academy is a great choice for those who want to start working in the real estate market as soon as possible. They've specialized in the Illinois real estate market, so you can rest assured that their courses cover all the topics you need to know for your license exam and for working in the real estate industry.

The CE Shop is another popular choice for those who want to get their license quickly. Their interactive content is updated regularly and they offer a pass guarantee, where they will reimburse the cost of your initial pre-licensing course if you fail to pass. They're also a great choice for those who want to be able to work on their courses in their spare time.

You can also opt for the live webinar course option. These courses are typically 8 weeks long and are great for those who are looking to complete the whole process in a short amount of time.

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